Erotic Massage Prague

There are different ways to relax after a hard day’s work. Some of them are, let’s say, more sensual than others. Erotic massage in Prague Is one such example. Within our wide variety of sensual massages, there’s bound to be one that is just the right fit for you!

Kate 30 years
174cm 55kg 2
Mia 24 years
165cm 49kg 2
erotik massage Lika
Lika 35 years
160cm 55kg 2
Diana 34 years
154cm 47kg 3
Kristina 30 years
168cm 54kg 2
erotik massage Frida
Frida 27 years
176cm 55kg 2
erotic masseuse Molly
Molly 27 years
170cm 55kg 4
Soffy 23 years
170cm 54kg 2,5

Tantra, Nuru, Lingam… All the massages that you love are here
Beautiful young and experienced masseuses that know their trade
A variety of bonus services with which you can enhance your experience
Outcall massages for whenever you can't visit in person
You can choose 4-hand treatment with all of our rubdowns
We can cater to couples as well
Combine health and pleasure – get a massage that both pleases and rejuvenates the body. You can order right away!

Why an Erotic Massage Might Be Just What You Need

There is a lot to be said regarding the benefits of an ordinary massage. Pain and tension relief, relaxation, you name it!

But nothing can really compare to an erotic massage – a procedure which encompasses all the benefits of a bodily relief combined with an erotic satisfaction.

Standard massage simply cannot address the issues such as low libido, erectile or sexual performance problems or simply the lack of intimacy. This treatment is here to offer a much needed remedy.

Though they feature no direct sexual intercourse, our massages are not lacking in intimacy and sensual, orgasmic pleasure. As you might find yourselves soon…

Choose an Erotic Massage from Our Wonderful Menu

The world of erotic massages is vast and diverse and can cater to a wide range of tastes. Whether you’re eager to try something exotic or would just prefer a more regular massage with an erotic icing on top, we’ve got you covered!
The closest thing on our menu to a standard, conservative massage, with all the kneads, strokes and touches you might be familiar with. However, this massage goes beyond that, and though you can expect a great relief for your muscles, your erogenous zones will get their due as well.


Where the tantric treatment focuses on delivering a full-body satisfaction, the lingam massage goes straight to the point, and focuses almost only on genital and erogenous zone stimulation. Shorter, but no less intensive in pleasure!

Inspired by both the ancient Indian sexual bodywork and some modern physiotherapeutic approaches, this eclectic massage combines body-to-body and standard techniques to deliver a unique kind of pleasure. 


This legendary Japanese massage needs no big introduction. Slippery massage performed with the use of a unique seaweed gel is famous for its close body to body contact and counts amongst the most sought-after erotic massages.

Oil body to body

A bit similar to Nuru, this massage also includes an impressive body to body contact. Besides that, you’re allowed to touch the masseuse’s body instead of being a passive recipient!

Pussy cat

A wholesome, relieving and sensually riveting massage with no holds barred. The special thing about this massage is that you can kiss your masseuse all over her fevered body!
Don’t be shy and bring your partner along. You can both be tended to next to each other by a skilled pair of masseuses. You set the limits of what you’re comfortable with – and we comply.
Trust the skill of your masseuse as she reaches and stimulates your prostate via your anus. If you dare, you will be rewarded with pleasure unlike any other.

Lesbi show

Besides your massage, you can watch an arousing lesbian show performed by two hot girls. Indulge your body and feast your eyes!
There’s bound to be a pick to suit you among our offer! If you’re undecided or wish to gather more information, we’ll be glad to answer all of your queries. Contact us.

Our Erotic Club in Prague Is the Place to Be… But It's Not the Only One

Conveniently located, luxuriously equipped, professionally staffed… our parlour has all that you need for your pleasurable adventures.

We strive for a highest degree of comfort, hygiene and privacy here, and offer cosy and private rooms, lounge room, sauna, hot tub, showers and everything necessary to wind down and relax.

Come pay us a visit – our gorgeous masseuses can’t wait to meet you.

Of course, you might have reasons of your own for not visiting our parlour directly. And that is completely fine. In that case, we’ll gladly offer you the outcall option.

One or even two of our masseuses can visit you in your home or at a hotel room you’re staying in anywhere in the city of Prague. The setting may change, the quality of our erotic massages does not. Seize this opportunity right away!

Too busy to travel to us? You know the saying about Muhammad and the mountain – it describes our outcall option perfectly! Book now!

Enhance Your massage With Some of our Extra Services

Kissers, foot enthusiasts, lovers of sexy lingerie and all pleasure connoisseurs, rejoice! These extra services can put a new and unexpected twist to your massage. Not available as standalone, you can nevertheless enjoy them together with your main massage!

Extra services

Private dance
Foot fetish (Job)
Tenga eggs
French kissing
Extension of massage
Girl with hair down
Girl in heels and stockings
Watch tempting massage
Prostate massage
VIP company (minimum 3 hours)

We’re here for you 24/7. Whenever you wish to unwind, just give us a call and we’ll arrange it all!

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