Tantra spa

Luxurious and inviting, our tantra spa might be precisely the place you need – perhaps without even knowing it! Where else could your body and mind alike indulge in a loving, relaxing and rejuvenating tantric treatment that is topped with a happy ending? 

That’s right, places that offer erotic massages like this are few and far between. And now that you’ve found one, you should seize the opportunities it offers!

Try a tantric massage, delivered by one of our beautiful masseuses
Crank things up with one of our special bonus services
Bring your partner along, if you want!
Or, alternatively, order a massage to your place
Chill and refresh yourselves at our minibar
Explore, experience and exhaust the possibilities a good tantra massage offers! It’s a goldmine of health benefits you shouldn’t overlook!

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Tantra spa with a truly human touch

Nothing can quite beat a good tantra massage in terms of its emotional power. While there are, arguably, massages that are more erotic, and massages that provide greater relief for the body, the beauty of tantra lies in the closeness and intimacy between both the therapist and the client. That is something no other treatment can simply replicate and what gives this treatment an edge.

So, what exactly does our tantra spa in Prague have to offer?

Well, the list is too long to delve deeper into, but let’s start with the massage itself, shall we?


You will have heard that tantra is an old system, and it’s true, but this treatment doesn’t exactly play by the ancient rules. Modern tantra takes great liberties in adding more erotic elements, as well as introducing some western massage techniques – all for the greater good of things, we believe!


While perhaps not as physiotherapeutic as the “deep tissue” treatments, tantra’s soft, long strokes and kneads are more than sufficient to deal with all but the most persistent muscle soreness and blockages.


This massage, like all the other ones on our offer, comes with a “happy ending”. An orgasm achieved in a slow, sensual and loving manner, is definitely a huge feature of this treatment. But it’s far from being its only perk!


Gentle care and a loving, physical touch is something many people are lacking in their lives. And this rubdown is able to make up for it. Eye contact, considerate touches and the personal attitude of the therapist all greatly contribute not just to the physical, but, above all, the mental soothing and relaxation.

You think sex is the highest form of erotic satisfaction? You haven’t tried a tantric massage yet – witness its capabilities for yourselves!

There’s also the “lingam spa” option for whoever is in a bit of time pressure

We understand that these are busy times, and not everyone may have the time to enjoy the full tantric treatment. For those who can’t do so, the lingam procedure might prove to be a worthy substitute.

After all, who could refuse a sensual penis massage based on tantra, with all the qualities which make that one great? The lingam is precisely that and we’d encourage you to give it a go if you’re a bit short on time!

Visit our Prague tantra spa with your partner!

Don’t be shy to bring your significant other along! Our parlour is equipped to provide couple massages of all kinds, and a tantric experience undergone together can do wonders in strengthening the mutual bond between you both.

Not to mention the neat techniques that you might later try in your own bedroom! Some worry about whether it’s cheating on their partner to get an erotic massage. Solve this dilemma by coming together with your partner and let our masseuses work on you both!

Is our salon too far for you to make the journey? Order an escort service then! Our masseuse will visit you whenever you choose!
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