Hotel massage in Prague

Our erotic spa is far from being the only place where you can enjoy our treatments. Our hotel massage service makes it possible for you to enjoy the fruits of our labour anywhere in the city!
Order any of our erotic massages as an escort option and there’s no need to go anywhere – we’ll be visiting you instead!
Not just at a hotel. We can provide this service at your home or other suitable places as well!
This service is available 24/7

masseuse annet in spaformen
Annet 29 years
165cm 51kg 2
Kate 29 years
174cm 55kg 2
Mia 23 years
165cm 49kg 2
erotik massage Lika
Lika 34 years
160cm 55kg 2
Diana 33 years
154cm 47kg 3
Kristina 29 years
168cm 54kg 2
erotik massage Frida
Frida 26 years
176cm 55kg 2
erotic masseuse Molly
Molly 26 years
170cm 55kg 4

No need to go anywhere, and still get your pleasure. That’s the beauty of this service. See for yourselves!

A hotel service that’s out of the ordinary

Forget well-stocked bars and Jacuzzi. This is the service you should be on the lookout for. However, you don’t call the reception for this one. Here’s what you have to do:


Choose one of the treatments on our offer. There are plenty of massages for every mood and every occasion!


Take a look at our gallery of masseuses and pick the girl you would like to see deliver your treatment. Or two girls – remember, we do four hands massages too! You can also enjoy our massages as a couple!


Think of the time that would suit you the best.


And then contact us with this info! (Via phone, e-mail or live chat.) We’re going to need your name, address of the place you’re staying at (including the room number if it’s a hotel) and, preferably, your phone number so that we can contact you in case anything changes.


After that, you can relax and wait – we’ll deliver a massage to your hotel in no time!

Don’t worry, ordering our massage to a hotel in Prague is a strictly confidential business!

Discretion is our forte. We don’t collect the personal information of our clients and discard them after the massage is finished. Our masseuses dress inconspicuously – they will seem just like regular visitors as they come and go. You needn’t worry about being compromised by this!

Any time of the day, any day of the year, we’re ready to deliver a passionate massage to you. Just give us a call – we’ll be there before you know it!

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