Lingam massage

There are good rubdowns. There are great rubdowns. And then there’s the lingam massage. Whenever you’re down, whenever you feel there’s not enough pleasure in your life to keep you going, this is precisely the one that you should reach for…


Tantra massage-based approach, focusing primarily on erogenous zone stimulation


“Edging” technique, guaranteed to maximise your arousal and subsequent pleasure


An opportunity to approach one’s sexuality from a different angle


Can significantly help in improving your libido


Beneficial in helping with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation


Great for both your health and mood

If you’d like to discover a completely new facet of the erotic, then go for a Lingam massage! This procedure will truly show you the delight your body is capable of!

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Lingam massage is where the ancient art meets the demands of the present

This practice is an offshoot of an ancient tantric massage, practiced on the Indian subcontinent since time immemorial.

Lingam is a Sanskrit word for penis (although it has other meanings as well), but this particular rubdown is about more than just pleasuring your private parts. At its core, it is the ritual of love, care and devotion, and of honouring the male creative principle. You might even say it’s bordering on the religious.

Of course, that is not to say that its merits cannot be enjoyed by everyone. The pleasure of lingam is something no man should take lightly. The techniques of building up and prolonging your arousal, before finally letting it loose in a final, intensive orgasm, are nothing short of pure art.

The stressful lives many men lead today simply ask for a way to relieve the pressure – and that’s when this ancient technique can help more than anything else.

There is a deeply personal dimension to a massage like lingam

More than any other erotic massages, tantra and tantric-based treatments like lingam are heavily reliant on the connection formed between the client and the practitioner.

The bond between the “taker” and the “giver” is essential to the proper outcome of this rubdown. If you and your masseuse simply don’t click, the thing will not be as enjoyable as it ought to.

Therefore, you should take great care in choosing your practitioner – and if you feel like swapping your initial choice for someone else, feel free to do so. There are countless attractive and superbly skilled erotic masseuses in our employ, who will be more than happy to stand in.

Take your pick from among our specialists. They are more than just skin-deep beauties – just ask the hundreds of satisfied clients!

This is how we do a penis massage at our place

There’s no need to feel apprehensive. Once you’re inside our spa for men, you can breathe easy and let us take care of the rest. After the initial greeting and the mutual introduction with your masseuse, you’ll hop into the shower (you can do so together with our girl if that’s your wish), and then the real fun begins!


Proper tantric breathing is what makes this rubdown work the way it does. Breathe in the pleasure, breathe out the love – again and again. Our therapist will gladly teach you the basics of tantric breathing. After that, it’s up to you to keep up the pace.


We tend to start with some quick kneads and strokes before going directly for your lingam. Though it’s not a full-body treatment, we make sure not to neglect your potentially tired muscles that might be in need of unblocking. After all, we wish you to feel as relaxed and at ease as possible.


Once that is done, all the attention will turn towards your penis and erogenous zones. We tend to use some gentle massage oil to smoothen things up. The lingam treatment itself is an amalgam of several dozen different strokes, touches and grips, designed to maximise the delight you’ll get from this procedure.


The point is not to deliver a swift orgasm, but rather to prolong your pleasure as much as possible, carefully delaying the climax up until the last moment. This is also known as “edging”, and once you get a taste of it, we’re sure you’ll want to incorporate it into your own intimate life as well!


Don’t be surprised if an orgasm reached in this manner will surpass the regular thing in its intensity. The built up erotic energy will send ripples of pleasure throughout your whole body for minutes! Once everything is over, you’ll take a final shower and go home feeling absolutely elated!

What you learn here, you’ll put to good use later! Become a sex god by intimating yourselves with lingam techniques!

Drawing on the art of tantra, lingam procedure can help you come to terms with yourself

There are countless perks of this massage that far transcend a mere physical pleasure. If provided correctly and with love, this procedure can prove beneficial in a variety of ways, including improved self-esteem and coming to accept yourself as you are.

After all, being unconditionally cared for by a beautiful girl can really do wonders in this regard!

You can also view lingam as a sort of sexual therapy, addressing sexual traumas or improving libido and orgasm control. In short, it is so much more than just a “happy ending” massage.

Lingam body massage that you get to receive at your own terms

Your pleasure doesn’t have to be limited only to our salon. Massage like lingam is perfectly possible to enjoy at your own home as well! Simple to book, our escort massage is a prime option for you if you’d like to receive your delight in a familiar environment. Just send a word!

Contact us and we’ll arrange an escort! Quickly and discretely, anywhere in Prague.

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