Sensual massage

Lay all your worries aside and indulge yourself in a sensual massage of the kind only our amazing girls can provide! Under their skilful touch, all the tensions in your body will soon be a thing of the past. And the tensions in your mind are bound to follow suit…

Sensual massage – why should you get one?

Well, the name itself implies that this massage will entail a bit more than what your typical therapist would offer you. Indeed, when we say we cater for the whole body, we mean it. Just like with all of the treatments at our parlour, you can expect a good measure of erotic stimulation to take place. But that’s not the only perk of this treatment.

Kate 30 years
174cm 55kg 2
Mia 24 years
165cm 49kg 2
erotik massage Lika
Lika 35 years
160cm 55kg 2
Diana 34 years
154cm 47kg 3
Kristina 30 years
168cm 54kg 2
erotik massage Frida
Frida 27 years
176cm 55kg 2
erotic masseuse Molly
Molly 27 years
170cm 55kg 4
Soffy 23 years
170cm 54kg 2,5

Here is why you should give it a go:
This treatment feels familiar. Sensual massage is firmly grounded in the conservative, Swedish-style therapeutic tradition, and is therefore suitable for those just beginning to discover the marvels of erotic massages.
It is gentle, yet effective. Employing a range of both soft and stronger touches, kneads and strokes, it manages to be beneficial for both the skin and the deeper muscle tissue, providing a complete relaxation to the whole body.
To make things go as smooth as possible, we use high-quality massage oils and gels, which really heighten the sense of touch.
We don’t rush the happy ending. Employing the technique called edging, we slowly work you up to your orgasm in a sensitive, refined manner, teasing you and delaying your climax up until the very end. Which, by the way, will be almost ecstatic as a result!

Discover the delight your body is capable of. The newfound knowledge might even make you a better lover as a result!

No better sensitive massage to be had than at our parlour!

We’ve taken great care in creating an environment whose sumptuousness would reflect the delightful nature of our massages. Spacious, intimate rooms, tasteful decorations, luxurious, king sized massaging mattresses, dim lighting and relaxing music… All of these seemingly unrelated details actually contribute to the overall enjoyment of our treatments. If you can, we suggest you give our place a visit.

Though, of course, a sensual erotic massage experience is not limited to our parlour

You can spoil yourselves with it anywhere in Prague! Our outcall service enables you to order one either to your own home, or to an office or a hotel room anywhere in the city. With 24/7 availability, it is truly the ideal option if you don’t have the time or the resources to come and get it yourselves. The booking is simple and straightforward, just give us a call or send an email, specifying your name, address, your preferred masseuse and a time which is convenient for you. Unless our schedule is already full, we’ll be glad to pay you a visit!

Whether it’s for its deeply relaxing properties, or for the erotic excitement and relief it provides, you can never go wrong with a sensual massage. Be quick to order one and see for yourselves!

Extra services

Private dance
Foot fetish (Job)
Tenga eggs
French kissing
Extension of massage
Girl with hair down
Girl in heels and stockings
Watch tempting massage
VIP company (minimum 3 hours)

Would you like to bring your partner with you as well? No problem! We can arrange couple massages as well – just give us a call!

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