Massage of Prostate

A massage of prostate is an underestimated erotic technique that brings about pleasure comparable to, if not exceeding that of a regular orgasm. But don’t count on just our words. Order one such massage and you’ll see for yourself what it is capable of…
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Let one of our gorgeous girls start you to this new erotic technique
One of the most pleasurable experiences as far as erotic massages go
Discover the pleasure of your "g-spot" stimulation
Not just pleasure, but actual health benefits as well

Pleasure meets health in this massage. The question is–are you ready to meet them both? If so don’t keep us waiting. Place your order right now!


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Why Choose a Massage of Prostate?

Because you might need it without even knowing. A healthy, well-functioning prostate plays an important part in men’s overall health.
This gland enlarges with age or poor lifestyle, which might cause a variety of urinary or erection problems. Even if that’s not your case, massaging the prostate might serve as the best prevention to stave off any complications further down the road.

Luckily, one of the best ways to achieve this might be at your fingertips–or, more precisely, at the fingertips of one of our gorgeous masseuses.

Indeed–a mechanical stimulation of your prostate gland via your anal orifice is one of the best methods of reducing it if it’s enlarged, emptying it of excessive fluid and easing its inflammation.

Besides, it truly is as pleasurable as they say… But you’ll be the judge of that. Place your order right away!

An Anus Massage You'd Better Not Underestimate

Naturally, many men are reluctant to undergo this procedure as the prostate is accessed via your rectum. But if you can overcome this reluctance, you will be rewarded with a massage unlike any other rubdown on our offer.

The procedure is completely pain-free. Our masseuse will first gently stimulate the rectal area in order to relax the sphincter muscles. This can be coupled with genital stimulation to make you feel more at ease and to maximise your pleasure.
Once you’re comfortable with it, she will access your prostate while wearing a special, hygienic glove. Stimulating the prostate brings about a feeling equal to, or perhaps even exceeding that of a standard orgasm. No wonder the prostate is often dubbed the “male g-spot”.
But describing the feeling would make it no justice – you have to experience it yourself.
Naturally, it’s not just the prostate and the erogenous parts that receive their due. Your whole body will be massaged as well. Tension relief and a thorough enjoyment of every minute you spend in our parlour – that’s what we’re aiming for.

If you'd like to know more about this or any other massage on our offer, then contact us – we'll gladly tell you all you need to know!

Before We Begin Your Erotic Prostate Massage, A Word Of Caution


First, we can never stress enough that our masseuses do not, under any circumstances, provide direct sex, so please keep that in mind and you will spare both of you an embarrassment.


Second, as this massage requires a high standard of hygiene, we recommend you take a thorough shower before you visit our parlour or before our masseuse visits your place (in case of an escort service). Pay a special attention to the rectal area, as it is the major focus of this massage.
Naturally, our parlour is also equipped with showers that you'll be expected to use before and after your session is over. The good thing is that you can hop in the shower accompanied by our masseuse if you wish, to break the initial ice!


Finally, we'd like to ask you not to drink or use any drugs prior to visiting our parlour.

Wishing For Something More Exotic? Prostate Massage Can Be Combined With More Services

Though providing more than enough pleasure on its own, you can spice your prostate massage with more extra services if you’re feeling adventurous… Fancy a private dance? Or would you prefer something to satisfy your foot fetish? Our palette of services almost certainly holds something that might strike your fancy…

Remember, We Can Visit You At Your Place At Any Time You Wish

As should be the standard, we also cater to those of our clients, who cannot, for whatever reason, make a visit to our parlour. No worries, though–our escort service has got you covered.
Pick one of our masseuses you like the most, and let her deliver this wondrous massage to your doorstep and beyond. The only condition is that your place provides enough privacy and has a shower where both you and your masseuse can wash yourselves.

Just contact us with your name, address and a time that suits you and we’ll be more than happy to provide…