Erotic Thai massage

There are few treatments more luxurious, more sensual, more beneficial than a properly administered erotic Thai massage. And where else to get one than here, at our parlour, where we dedicate all our time and energy to deliver you a pure, unadulterated pleasure?
An ancient technique of wholesome bodily relaxation
Stimulates blood circulation
Perfect for pain relief
heart (1)
A pleasurable happy ending to top it all off
Increased flexibility
Bonus services at your disposal

Choose to indulge. Thai rubdown can give you more than just erotic delight. It can improve your health.


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erotik massage Lika
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Frida 27 years
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Erotic Thai massage – when the regular one simply won’t do

This particular treatment is far from being a new kid on the block. You can trace its roots back to ancient times, when it coalesced from a mixture of Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurveda and Yoga traditions.

It is a physically intensive massage, involving a lot of stretching, pulling and applied pressure to relieve any stiffness or blockages in the muscular and skeletal systems.

Your masseuse will use more than just hands to work on you

Elbows, forearms and even feet and knees work together in this massage to walk you through a variety of positions. You can probably expect to hear a lot of joint crunching as the stiff parts of your body get suddenly unblocked!

Traditionally, Thai massage does not involve any erotic action. But we believe you’ll appreciate the liberty we’ve taken in this regard. At our salon, you can look forward to more than just a physiotherapeutic exercise. We won’t let you leave without a happy ending as well!

Try our sensual Thai massage! Prague centre is where you’ll find us

You’ll find our parlour in Prague’s picturesque Žižkov district, close to the city centre. The place is easily reachable if you take public transport, but that’s far from being its only perk.

The whole salon has been carefully designed to serve as a suggestive backdrop to your rubdowns, providing not only clean, comfortable and private rooms, but also exuding the sense of luxury and sumptuousness, thus making you at ease and fully relaxed before your procedure begins in proper.


You’re welcome to check in whenever you please – we’re open nonstop, anytime, any day of the year! If you feel like getting your massage right away, feel free to contact us!

There’s a difference between Thai and oil massage – this one can do without it

People are often curious whether oil or gel will be used during this particular rubdown, as is the case in, for example, the nuru massage. Traditionally, the Thai procedure is done without the use of any oils, and can even be performed with loose clothes on – though not in our case. But we can tailor your experience to include the “oily treatment” as well, if that is your wish.

Otherwise, the procedure typically goes like this:


Everything begins with a shower. If you’re feeling naughty, you can ask your masseuse to accompany you into it, and she’ll be sure to oblige.


Once you’re done showering, you’ll be guided to your room. The massage takes place on a special futon, designed for this very purpose.


What will follow is a sequence of yoga-like poses, during which your whole body will be stretched via a cleverly applied pressure. You might be surprised how many blockages were there, and how at ease you suddenly feel!


The procedure is a bit demanding and will require a bit of your cooperation as well. It demands a constant change of your position. If you feel like you can’t keep pace or find some of the moves to be too painful, please don’t hesitate to say it and we’ll find a workaround.


Once you go through the whole set of moves, you will be generously rewarded for it! One last part of your body needs pleasuring – you can guess which one is it! Don’t worry, without a happy ending, none of our messages are fully complete!
Whether a Thai massage or a tantra, there is plenty to choose from!
Perhaps you find this particular rubdown too physically demanding and would rather try something else? Don’t worry, we know plenty of other ways to satisfy! You may instead choose to go for:
Nuru rubdown
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Pussy Cats

We understand that Thai massage may not suit everyone. But do not despair! Among our other procedures, there’s bound to be one to suit you!

Thai massage with hand release is nearer to you than you think

That’s what an escort service is here for. Just provide us with your name and address and then specify which of our masseuse you’d like to treat you and at which time. Once we know all the details, then we’ll send the girl your way to deliver some joy directly to your door.

You can be visited basically anywhere. The only condition your place should meet is providing enough privacy and having a working shower and toilet facilities. Your home, hotel room, a private office – any of these places will do!

This escort massage service is available all throughout Prague, and we run it nonstop! If going to our salon is inconvenient to you, there’s still a chance to indulge!

Fancy some extras to give your Thai massage handjob some extra juice?

Not orderable separately, these bonus services can nevertheless considerably improve your enjoyment of Thai or any other of our massages. If you wish to add some fine touch, then don’t hesitate to ask for:

Extra services

Private dance
Foot fetish (Job)
Tenga eggs
French kissing
Extension of massage
Girl with hair down
Girl in heels and stockings
Watch tempting massage
VIP company (minimum 3 hours)

Are you convinced yet? These extras can give you unexpected pleasure, if you’re adventurous enough to try them! Don’t be afraid to go for them!

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