Tantra Prostate Massage

A combination of tantric techniques coupled with the stimulation of the prostate merges into an exquisite tantra prostate massage. Pleasing both physically and psychologically, this erotic massage will relax and cheer you up whenever you feel a bit blue. 

What Does a Tantra Prostate Treatment Entail

The core of this massage is made up of a standard tantra massage from our menu. Tantra massage itself is an interesting phenomenon. Using some principles and techniques from ancient Indian yoga and tantric art and combining them with certain elements of western physiotherapy and erotic massage, it offers a holistic relief to your whole body. With particular emphasis on the erogenous zones!

The tantric treatment itself feels perhaps a bit more personal and intimate than the other erotic massages. It’s important to establish trust and connection with your masseuse and completely surrender to her art. 

The combination of more gentle and dynamic touches, as well as the teasing and delaying of orgasmic pleasure (also known as edging) all help to build up a tremendous amount of erotic energy. The final climax in which this energy is finally released will be perhaps one of the most intense you have ever felt.


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And Then We Add the Prostate Massage to Tantra

As you might have heard, stimulating the prostate can bring about feelings as pleasing and intense as an orgasm, if not more so. Prostate massage can’t be missing on any erotic massage parlour menu, but here it comes in a 2 in 1 package together with tantra. Let the masseuse access your G-spot and pleasure commence!

Note: This massage demands excellent hygiene. You will be asked to thoroughly shower beforehand. Your prostate is accessed through your anus area, which must be perfectly clean. We also recommend going to the toilet and completely emptying your bowels before you visit. During the prostate stimulation, the masseuse will wear a hygienic glove and use a lubricant to easy access your prostate.

Combined, these two massage methods will ensure maximum pleasure, maximum relaxation and maximum incentive to visit our parlour again!
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