Nuru Massage

The Japanese do their massages differently. The wonderful nuru massage has gained such popularity in recent years, that it sometimes becomes synonymous with erotic massages as a whole.

And there’s a good reason people love it. Few other treatments combine erotic spark with a complete bodily relaxation as well as this body to body slippery oriental rubdown…

Highly erotic and exciting procedure, dubbed "sex without sex"
Special seaweed gel makes close body to body contact smooth and pleasurable
Extra services possible to order as well
Emotionally fulfilling experience delivered by hot professional masseuses

There’s no need to travel to Japan to try what nuru is like. Now you can get some of this oriental delight in our Prague parlour too. We’re eagerly awaiting your visit!


Kate 30 years
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Mia 24 years
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Lika 35 years
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Frida 27 years
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Molly 27 years
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Soffy 23 years
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Nuru Massage – to Excite and Relax at the Same Time

Incredibly sexy? Check. Exotic and mysterious? Check. Calming and relaxing? Check. The nuru ticks all the right boxes and is justly considered one of the top erotic massages of all time.

Due to its close, intimate, body to body nature, there is no shortage of sexual excitement as one of our skilled masseuses slides, grinds and rubs against your body until you reach and orgasmic climax.

But there are other benefits to this massage as well. It is emotionally soothing, and also works wonders for your tired and aching muscles. Don’t underestimate its therapeutic properties in addition to the erotic ones!

This Body to Body Massage Is Made Possible with a Unique Gel

Naturally, all of the close body to body contact would be a bit rough and awkward were it not for the delightful nuru gel.

Made from nori seaweed, which in itself is very healthy and brimming with healthy substances, this gel is smooth and slippery, and as such allows for a greater freedom of movement. And for a much greater fun for both you and your masseuse!

Don’t worry about possible stains or sticky feelings on your skin. Nuru gels have no colour or smell, don’t stain and can be easily washed off with water once the deed is done. There’s nothing better for this purpose.

And, as an additional bonus, the nuru gel has a moisturising and nourishing effect for your skin!

How Will Your Body to Body in Praha Go?


You make a booking at our parlour at any hour that suits you. We're open 24/7. Sometimes visitors come unannounced, but we can't guarantee that any of our masseuses would be available.


Once you arrive at our parlour, we'll introduce you to your chosen masseuse, who will take care of everything from then on.


Each of our massages is preceded with a shower for obvious hygienic reasons. The good thing is that you can hop in the shower together with your masseuse if you wish so, to be a bit more comfortable and get to know the girl better.


Once you're ready, the real fun begins! You will be led to your room where you can lay down on a comfortable massaging mattress. The girl will cover both of your bodies with the said nuru gel and get to work.


The massage consists of a gentle rubdown, followed with raunchy body to body rollercoaster full of ups and downs, slides and grinds. Gradually, more and more attention will be paid to your erogenous zones (direct intercourse, however, is forbidden). The masseuse will tease you and delay your climax until the very end, making it that much more powerful!


Even after you climax, the massage can continue with more strokes and cuddles until the scheduled time elapses. Afterwards, you take another shower, dress up and we part ways for the time being. We're always making sure you leave our premises satisfied!

Remember that You Can Increase Your Pleasure from This Body Slide Massage Even More

How so? It’s very simple – by ordering one of our extra services to go with your nuru fun! We’ve got something for everyone. Foot job, French kissing, high heels, lesbian show, you name it. You can find the complete list of our services below. Remember to take your pick. It’s more than worth it.

Extra services

Private dance
Foot fetish (Job)
Tenga eggs
French kissing
Extension of massage
Girl with hair down
Girl in heels and stockings
Watch tempting massage
VIP company (minimum 3 hours)

Our extra services are here to put a cherry on top of your massage! You can choose one – or even more – to your liking. Make your experience at our parlour that much more memorable!

Too Busy to Visit Us for Your Massage? Body to Body Action at Your Place Is Also an Option

There might be circumstances in which you may not be able to visit us at our parlour, be it for privacy or other reasons. For these cases, our escort option exists.

You can contact us via phone or e-mail and:


Give us your full name and an address of the place you're currently staying in (including hotel room number.​


Choose your massage (nuru in this particular case) and any eventual extra services you would like performed.


Choose your masseuse.


Give us the date and time when you wish your masseuse to visit you.

And that’s all! It’s that simple

You can expect the girl of your choice to come knocking at your door soon. You don’t have to prepare anything special, she will bring all the necessary equipment with her. We only ask that your place offers enough privacy and hygiene. Especially in the case of slippery massage such as nuru, having a shower to wash the gel off is a necessity.

Are you interested in an outcall option? Then click the button below to contact us and we can start arranging everything right now!

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