Exotic Massage In Prague

Do you feel stressed out, tired, do your muscles ache and your libido is tanking? There might be a cure for all of these ailments – an exotic massage in Prague. Enjoy a therapeutic procedure with erotic overtones and an exotic flair – book a visit to our sexy spa in Prague right now!

What Will Your Prague Exotic Massage Entail?


During your massage, your entire body will be catered to by one of our experienced erotic masseuses in order to ease tension in your muscles, rid you of stress and awaken your erotic energy.


Though direct sex has no place in our massage style, erotic touches and manual stimulation of erogenous zones is allowed. When we say your entire body will be catered to, we mean it.


The massages can end in you climaxing as the result of erotic stimulation - that is fine. These so-called “happy endings” are common and expected.


As a result, you will leave our parlour completely rejuvenated and erotically satisfied on top of that - which other massages would do the same?
masseuse annet in spaformen
Annet 29 years
165cm 51kg 2
Kate 29 years
174cm 55kg 2
Mia 23 years
165cm 49kg 2
erotik massage Lika
Lika 34 years
160cm 55kg 2
Diana 33 years
154cm 47kg 3
Kristina 29 years
168cm 54kg 2
erotik massage Frida
Frida 26 years
176cm 55kg 2
erotic masseuse Molly
Molly 26 years
170cm 55kg 4

Pick A Private Massage To Suit You The Most

Check out your options and pick an exotic massage that suits your preferences!
A famous Japanese massage with close body to body contact and the nuru gel makes it as smooth as possible.
Another massage with extremely close bodily contact, using special massage oil and slightly different techniques compared to nuru.
A quite diverse massage using techniques spanning both East and West. Yoga, Ayurveda, and standard western physiotherapy all converge in this full-body treatment.
An offshoot of tantric massage, which focuses almost exclusively on erogenous zones. If you’re after some quick pleasure, choose this one!
A conservative, full-body therapeutic massage with a happy ending.
A unique massage, during which you’re allowed to kiss the masseuse’s body to your heart’s content.
Lesbi Show Massage
Exciting show put on by two of our masseuses. First, they have some fun together, then it’s your turn to receive a brilliant massage.
The feeling of prostate stimulation is among the most pleasing a man can feel, matching or exceeding a standard orgasm in intensity. Try it!
Remember, you can experience our massages as a couple, and even in your own home thanks to our outcall service! Let us know if you’d be interested in such an arrangement!
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