Tantra Massage

Discover the secrets of the exotic tantra massage in the luxurious confines of our parlour. One of our gorgeous masseuses will be glad to start you into this ancient art. Come on in if you dare…

A unique procedure combining the ancient Indian tantra with modern therapeutic principles

Focuses not just on bodily relaxation and erotic pleasure, but also on a personal bonding experience with your therapist

Reduced stress, improved libido and many other benefits

Simplified version available as lingam massage

Outcall to your place is possible

Extra services

Tantra massage will improve your mood and wellbeing no matter how low you feel. Enjoy it from the hands of a professional that knows what she’s doing!


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Lika 35 years
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Frida 27 years
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Molly 27 years
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What Is Tantra Massage And Where Did It Come From?

You’ve probably heard the word tantra before, but let’s clarify its meaning further. The ancient Indian tantra is a system of both physical and meditative rituals and practices.

Compared to some other Indian approaches, tantra is known for its positive attitude towards the sexual, including sexual yoga in its corpus.

The modern tantric massage, however, though inspired by ancient Indian practices, also heavily draws from modern western therapeutic and massaging techniques.

Compared to the original tantra, it also places greater emphasis on the erotic instead of meditative and religious. Though you’ll be still undoubtedly captivated by its particular mystique.

But mystique is not the only thing that makes this treatment sought after. There are tangible benefits to this treatment, including, but not limited to:
Better blood circulation
Less stress
New boost of energy
Improved libido
Better mood
Better sexual control

Sounds intriguing? Well then don’t let such an opportunity go to waste and book right away! Our masseuses are always busy – but they will find some time for you…

What Does a Tantric Massage in Prague Entail?

You should be prepared for a prolonged stimulation of your erogenous zones, but remember that this is a holistic treatment in which all of your body will be tended to.

Should you be interested only in the genital area / erogenous zone stimulation, then the lingam massage may be the correct choice for you. Still working with tantric principles, the lingam treatment is a shortened, more basic version of tantra which priorities the erotic aspect.

An important part of this treatment is the correct breathing technique, which will be explained to you by our masseuse. Keep the breathing rhythm steady throughout the whole massage to achieve a state of elated calmness and reap the most benefits from this procedure.

The so-called edging is one of the chief aspects of a good tantra. During the massage, the masseuse will gradually stimulate your genitals and erogenous zones – but don’t mistake this for a simple “hand job”. The purpose of edging is not a quick orgasm, but the delaying and prolonging of pleasurable climax to the absolute limit.

This way, the sexual energy is harnessed and accumulated before the ultimate release. The intensity of the resulting orgasm is incomparable to what you’re used to.

The massage itself, however, can continue well beyond that – perhaps you might climax again before the scheduled time is over!

Discover the extent of pleasure during a tantric massage and see what your body is capable of. This is the way to do it!

Pay Attention to Our Extra Services to Go With Your Tantra Massage Too

Though the tantric experience alone should more than satisfy, there are ways to make it even better! Check out our extra services!

Extra services

Private dance
Foot fetish (Job)
Tenga eggs
French kissing
Extension of massage
Girl with hair down
Girl in heels and stockings
Watch tempting massage
VIP company (minimum 3 hours)

There’s No Place Like Our Tantra Salon to Experience a Dose of Tantra

If you can, consider getting your tantric (or any other erotic massage) in our parlour foremost. After all, it designed everything here to serve this purpose. From the comfortable furniture and décor to spacious and private rooms and a variety of facilities which include sauna, hot tub and, naturally, showers. Each of our massages begins and ends with a shower, which you can share with your masseuse if you wish so.

Speaking of masseuses, we employ plenty of smart, gorgeous and professional girls with hundreds of hours of experience in the art of erotic massage. These are our greatest assets – you can check the individual profiles of our masseuses here.

An Outcall Tantra Body Massage Is Perfectly Possible Too!

We understand that there are situations in which you’d prefer to receive your massage outside of our parlour. Therefore, we offer outcall massages as well. We can dispatch our girls to meet you at your place or at a hotel room anywhere in the city.

Your place should provide enough privacy, be clean and have a working shower – those are about the only requirements we have. If you meet those, then contact us with:


Your full name + your address, this includes the number of your hotel room


The name of your chosen masseuse


The preferred time of your massage


Any extra services you’d like to have together with your massage

Delivering pleasure right to your doorstep. Choose an outcall option and we’ll come knocking soon enough.

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