Lesbi-Show Massage

  1. Showering together (upon customer request)
  2.  Erotic mix massage
  3. Mutual touches
  4. Lesbi show
  5. Climax

If you are not able to get rid of idea two beautiful girls playing with each other we are the right place for you. During massage with our girl zou are allowed to discover their beauty not only by your eyes but also with your hands. Getle touches and passionate moves are going to excite you a lot. Be careful and do not lose mind during these exciting games.You will never forgot the сlimax!

While each of our erotic massages is truly a wonder to behold, there are ways to make it stand out even more as it is! A tried and trusted way to do so is our lesbi show – a performance that will get you on the edge of your seat!

  •         Book this procedure together with your massage…
  •         Enjoy the view of two sexy girls having a go at it…
  •         Increase your arousal before your actual massage starts…
  •         Don’t just watch, join in the action, if you feel like it…
  •         Combine it with other extra service for some extra pleasure…

Feast your eyes on the delightful spectacle that will make your arousal spike! An opportunity to enjoy a lesbi show does not come often – seize it!

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Lesbi show is a spectacle no straight man can resist

Well, how could he? The erotic masseuses in our employ are beautiful, amicable, and, above all, enjoy what they’re doing. And it shows!

What’s even better, you can handpick the two girls you like the most to star in your private erotic show in Prague!

Once they start making out, cuddling and fondling one another, it will be a sight to behold – a sight that leaves no straight man cold! Your arousal is guaranteed to spike, and that’s before the girls turn their attention to you and the real fun begins… To tease, to excite, to whip up the desires – that is the purpose of this bonus service!

Wish to experience this Prague sex show for yourself? Take a pick from our massages first!

Lesbi show is a bonus service, meaning you have to order one of our massages first – but that’s a good thing, not a hassle! Each of our treatments can bring you otherworldly pleasure as it is, and when combining those with the lesbian performance, well, you’re in for a real treat! You may take your pick from the following massages:

  • ·         Sensual
  • ·         Nuru
  • ·         Tantra
  • ·         Lingam
  • ·         Pussy Cat
  • ·         Prostate massage
  • ·         Couple massage

Whether it’s a relief for your tired body or the ultimate erotic indulgence, these massages have it! Order to your heart’s content!

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It’s your lesbian show, make it count!

While many choose to just watch the lesbo show unfold and then hop on to the massage itself, others would like to join the girls in their fun. If you all agree to it beforehand, there’s absolutely no problem with that! Likewise, the show typically precedes your massage, but if you’d like to, it can happen at its end or any point in between – it’s your call!

Also remember that you can mix you lesbian show in Prague with more bonus treatments!

There are more extra services in our arsenal that might pique your interest some more! And the best thing about them is that you can order them all at once if you’d like to!

Erotic show in Prague, anywhere you choose!

You’re not confined to our parlour if you’d like to experience this delight. Our escort service enables to you to order any of our massages with all the extra services such as lesbian show directly to your home or a hotel room! So, if you’d like to turn your house into a den of pleasure, feel free to give us a call or write us an email!

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2 Girls
60 min
4000 CZK
90 min
5500 CZK
120 min
7000 CZK


Extra services

Private dance

1000 Kč / 42 €

10 min

Girl with hair down

400 Kč / 17 €

1 hour

Foot fetish (Job)

500 Kč / 21 €

15 min

Girl in heels and stockings

1000 Kč / 42 €

1 hour

Tenga eggs

500 Kč / 21 €

15 min

Watch tempting massage

1000 Kč / 42 €

1 hour

French kissing

500 Kč / 21 €

10 min

Prostate massage

500 Kč / 21 €

15 min

Extension of massage

1300 Kč / 55 €

30 min

VIP company (minimum 3 hours)

1000 Kč / 42 €

1 hour

130 000 PRAGUE 3


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