Tantra couple massage

A wonderful opportunity to discover your body and its sensual possibilities. An intimate experience that will deepen the connection with your partner. A rubdown far from the ordinary. That’s the tantra couple massage. Will you give it a try?

Couple Tantric Massage. Experience Bliss

A tantric massage is an erotic massage. Inspired by the rituals and bodywork practices of ancient India, perfected by adding a Western touch. This massage stresses an intimate, deeper understanding of your body, and mastery of erotic energies.

Experiencing it together with your partner in our erotic massage spa is an opportunity neither of you should miss. Two of your chosen masseuses are prepared to tailor a tantric couples massage suited only for you and your loved one.

State your wishes, set your boundaries and let our priestesses of love initiate you into the mysterious world of tantra.


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Annet 29 years
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Kate 29 years
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Mia 23 years
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Lika 34 years
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Diana 33 years
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Kristina 29 years
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Frida 26 years
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Molly 26 years
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A Tantric Couple Massage That Will Fit You Like a Pair of Gloves

The art of tantric massage lies in absolute control over your erotic energies. The masseuse will teach you the basics of correct breathing, visualisation and meditative techniques meant to increase and prolong your pleasure.

The massage is holistic, tending to the whole of your body, including erogenous zones. The key is not to rush things. Enjoy the impeccable strokes and kneads of our professionals that seem to expect, but also toy with your desire.

Let the erotic energies build up inside you

Share the connection with your partner, and enjoy the ritual slowly building up to and culminating in an ecstatic release. Although direct sex with our masseuses is prohibited, what happens between you and your partner is solely up to you.

Trust and comfort are imperative for a tantric massage for couples to succeed. We will discuss your desires, worries and boundaries beforehand so that both of you are absolutely comfortable with what will then transpire.

Intrigued and interested in trying this unique procedure? Book with us and contact us beforehand so that we have time to prepare everything for your tantric massage!

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