Soap Massage

A steamy, body to body soap massage might be just the thing you need. Feel the hot body of a beautiful masseuse rubbing against yours. Let her take care of your tired muscles. Let her lead you all the way up to a satisfying climax…

A Soap Massage Promising Great Pleasure

If you’re familiar with a nuru massage, which is also on our massage offer, then you’ll be right at home with this type of rubdown. There are some differences between the two, but on a “pleasure scale”, both of these treatments are on the same level – which is a lot!

The chief difference between soap and nuru massages, as the name suggests, is the use of a rich, soapy emulsion to cover your whole body instead of the more conventional nuru gel. This sumptuous emulsion feels great on the skin, smells wonderful and sets the stage for the proper body to body massage due to its slippery properties.


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The Procedure

After the initial greeting, the masseuse will guide you to the shower room where you can both wash together to get in a more intimate mood if you wish.

Then you will be led to a comfortable private room where the masseuse will prepare a soapy emulsion to cover both of your bodies with. The massage then begins with light erotic teasing combined with therapeutic strokes and kneads to relax your muscles.

After that, a body to body massage begins, the beautiful body of the masseuse rubbing against yours and sliding up and down and all over you as you lie on the back and belly.

This erotically charged massage feels similar to sex, but no actual sex takes place during it. However, manual stimulation and rubbing against your erogenous zones are allowed. Orgasm and climax can be a culmination of your massage and is encouraged.

Add Some Extra Services To The Mix

Massage extension
French kissing

These might complete the mosaic of pleasure that is the soap massage – and any other erotic massage we offer. Consider adding one or all of these extra services to it.

Also remember that our escort service is available to everyone who can’t visit us in person. Our masseuse can visit you and provide the massage at your place, bringing everything needed with her – you don’t need to worry about a thing. Choose whether you’d prefer this option or a visit to our parlour instead!

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