Japanese Massage

Get a taste of some oriental pleasure. Equally relaxing and arousing, the nuru Japanese massage comes with a unique twist to a standard erotic massage, belying the craftiness and inventiveness the Japanese are famous for. Try this procedure right now!

What Benefits Does The Japanese Massage Bring?

Undergoing the Japanese massage may bring about more than just pleasure. This wonder treatment has plentiful benefits in store for you to consider trying it!


Get rid of stress
The sensation of this massage melts away all your stress and worries like snow. Skin-to-skin contact activates your pleasure receptors while decreasing the number of stress hormones circulating in your body.


Relax your muscles
Besides its erotic element, nuru is also a massage in the right sense of the word. You can expect some nice, full-body muscle relaxation to head your way as well.


Give your skincare a boost
The key ingredient for a slippery nuru massage is the eponymous gel, which enables smooth skin on skin contact. Also, this gel is moisturising and all-around perfect for your skin!


Get rid of toxins
This massage speeds up your blood flow, allowing for toxins in your body to be eliminated more quickly. Remember to drink plenty of water after your massage to give your detox a further boost!


Discover new erotic possibilities
Once you’ve given this treatment a try, you’ll definitely want to try it again in your bedroom. Nuru massage does that sometimes.

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Instead of Using Oil, Massage Such as Nuru Offers a Different Approach

Let’s talk a bit more about the nuru massage and where it came from. Originally from Japan, this rubdown has quite an interesting backstory. After a ban on prostitution in post-war Japan, the local courtesans found a different way to satisfy their clients without providing them direct intercourse – body to body erotic massages, providing almost the same ‌intimacy.

Following a few clumsy experiments with soap body to body massages, they soon discovered a substance which made the whole process far more pleasant and easier – a slippery gel made ‌of nori seaweed. This gel enables absolutely smooth and slippery body to body contact, doesn’t create stains, and is easy to wash away, plus it’s actually good for your skin! The Japanese sex massage, in its ultimate form, was born.

Is it any wonder that soon after becoming popular in Japan, did this massage take the whole world by storm? And now here you are, in Prague, ready to get a taste of this unique procedure as well! Don’t delay your booking anymore!

How Will Your Nori “Japanese Oil” Massage Proceed?

If it’s your first time trying this rubdown, don’t worry – your masseuse will take care of everything. After the initial shower (which you can take together), she will cover both of your naked bodies from head to toe in nuru gel.

You will then lie down on a comfortable massage mattress and your masseuse will perform some basic massage strokes and kneads to relieve and untangle your sore muscles. Then the real fun can begin.

While each masseuse may employ a slightly different technique, the core of nuru massage comprises several basic movements. These include slowly sliding back and forth over your whole body while you lie first face down and then on your back, as well as gliding and grinding movements closely imitating the sexual act.

Manual stimulation of your erogenous zones

As well as the body rubbing against them (but no direct sex!), is also a natural part of nuru massage. As is the final orgasm – but don’t get too focused on the “happy ending” only. It is the road that leads to it that counts!

After all is done, you will simply take a final shower to wash the gel off and be on your way home, brimming with new erotic energy!

Pleasure and health benefits neatly wrapped in one package. The nuru massage is right, waiting for you to try it!

Japanese Hidden Massage Services That Are Not To Be Missed

Normally not available separately, the following extra services on our offer can be further added to all of our massage types for some extra pleasure…

Private dance
A sexy little dance that will entice you and set the right mood for the following massage.
Foot fetish
Would you like to be touched by the girl’s beautiful feet in the most intimate places? Then book this one.
French kissing
Adds some more passion to the whole procedure.
Get ready to discover what the “male g-spot” stimulation can really do.
Manual stimulation of your penis becomes so much better simply by adding this little toy.

Before Your Japanese Slippery Massage Begins

You don’t need to undergo any special preparation before your massage, don’t worry. But we’ll be still asking you to obey some of the basic rules.


Hygiene above all else. Before your massage, both you and the masseuse will take a thorough shower. Even before then, we ask that you enter our parlour clean and well-groomed.


Try not to come on a full stomach. Eating too much before your massage can make the whole experience ‌less pleasing. We also recommend you visit the toilet beforehand.


Don’t visit our parlour drunk or on drugs. Remember the basics of courtesy and good behaviour.


We are not a brothel. Direct or oral sex will not be provided to you even if you pay extra. Please, do not ask our masseuses for sex, it will be awkward for both of you and you won’t get any.

Have a Japanese Sensual Massage Delivered To Your Home

Though our salon is equipped for the occasion, sometimes it can be more convenient for you to experience your nuru massage at your own home or a hotel room. Though the logistics are a bit more difficult given the use of nuru gel in this massage, our masseuses can handle everything, even bringing with them the ‌protective sheets so as not to stain your furniture! Our outcall service is available anywhere in Prague, 24/7!

Save yourselves the hassle and have your nuru wonder come to you! Choose your favorite masseuse and book her services as an outcall now!

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