Extaz massage

Find respite from your daily stress, workload and countless other issues taking their toll on your mood and health. A sensual, pleasing extaz massage will get you back on track in no time. Choose one of our girls to perform it and let her do the magic.

What Is an Extaz Massage?

Extaz massage is a one of a kind procedure we’ve come up with recently. It is a massage combining the tried and trusted techniques known from other erotic massages and giving them a new twist.

If you’ve already tried all the nuru, tantric and sensual massage and think nothing can surprise you anymore, we’ll be glad to prove you wrong.

You’ll be entranced by the variety of combinations as your masseuse switches between light tantric strokes and raw sensuality of nuru body slides before giving you a riveting lingam massage.

Let the girls showcase the limits and possibilities of an erotic rubdown in this procedure that deservedly bears the name Extaz.


masseuse annet in spaformen
Annet 29 years
165cm 51kg 2
Kate 29 years
174cm 55kg 2
Mia 23 years
165cm 49kg 2
erotik massage Lika
Lika 34 years
160cm 55kg 2
Diana 33 years
154cm 47kg 3
Kristina 29 years
168cm 54kg 2
erotik massage Frida
Frida 26 years
176cm 55kg 2
erotic masseuse Molly
Molly 26 years
170cm 55kg 4

Benefits of Such A Rubdown Cannot Be Understated

While even an ordinary massage is often enough to improve your health and mood, imagine what such a treatment would bring when combined with erotic stimulation on top of that. Each of our massages can bring you the following benefits, extaz massage being no exception:
Improved blood circulation
Reduced stress
Lowering pressure
Reduced tension and soreness in your muscles
Improved flexibility
Increased libido and sexual stamina
Boost your confidence and self-acceptance
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Discovering new possibilities for pleasure

Consider Our Extra Services To Add to Your Pleasure

While the extaz massage is more than sufficient to satisfy you on all the points mentioned above, we propose a deal - how about you add even more icing on the cake? That’s what our extra services are for. Increase your enjoyment of this and any other of our massages with these:
Private dance
A hot lapdance performed solely for your pleasure. Get fired up before your massage begins!
Foot job
Foot job is a common request among our customers, and we’re happy to oblige!
French kissing
Are you the passionate type? So are our girls. French kissing might be what you need.
High heels and stockings
If you’d like the girl to dress up sexy for you, then certainly book this one.
A small toy, great pleasure. This egg-shaped device will add an extra pleasurable feeling to your penis stimulation.
Ready to discover what the stimulation of the fabled male g-spot can do? Then order a prostate massage and you’ll find out.

Have either of these piqued your interest? Are you ready to try one – or perhaps all of them? Then waste no more time and make your reservation right now!

Our Masseuses Can’t Wait To Meet You

The success of your massage is in these girls’ hands – literally. Our team of masseuses consists of young beauties who are in love with their job, and it definitely shows. With hot, slender bodies and friendly character, it’s no wonder these girls have no shortage of clients and are always busy massaging.

While they are all equally skilled and beautiful, there’s bound to be one you might prefer to the others. Take a good look at their gallery and choose the girl to perform your massage. If you don’t have a particular favourite, then you’ll be massaged by any masseuse currently available upon your visit to our spa.

However, if you have trouble deciding between two of them, also keep in mind that you can always opt for a four-hand massage, meaning you’ll be tended to by two girls simultaneously. The pleasure you’ll get from such a treatment is hard to match. It simply has to be experienced.

Our Parlor Awaits. Don’t Be Shy To Visit

You will find our parlour in Prague 3 – Žižkov district, not too far from the city centre, about 50 m from the Lipanská tram stop. Our address is Bořivojova 773/58 – our sign is hard to miss.

Inside, there will be private, spacious and comfortable rooms waiting for you, where your erotic adventures can take place undisturbed. We place a great emphasis on hygiene, and both you and your selected masseuse(s) will have to take a shower before the massage starts.

Our rooms are regularly cleaned

And we use disposable towels and sheets, as well as protective sheets for massages involving the use of massage oil and gel.

While inside, please behave yourself like a gentleman. Smoking is prohibited, as is coming to us while stone drunk or under the influence of drugs.

Remember, do not ask the girls for sex – erotic massages do not equal sex. We don’t provide direct or oral intercourse, even for an extra payment.

If you are well-mannered, the doors of our parlour will be always open for you – literally, since we operate 24/7!

Or Perhaps An Outcall Massage Is What You Want?

That’s no problem for us. Sometimes things get in the way and you can’t visit our spa in person, we perfectly understand. Still, that’s no reason to say goodbye just yet.

By ordering your massage as an outcall, you can get the same experience as you would at our parlour in the comfort of your home or in a hotel room.

Your masseuse will visit you at the agreed-upon time, bringing with her everything necessary. No preparations on your part are needed, we just ask that your place is clean and has a shower. This service is available in Prague only.

Book an outcall massage if you can’t or don’t feel like visiting our parlour. We’ll arrange everything, you just lie down and enjoy. Your chosen masseuse will be at your door precisely at the specified time, right as a clock.
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