Egyptian Massage in Prague

Inspired by ancient Egypt, our erotic Egyptian Massage in Prague will snap you out of the ennui of your everyday life. Picture yourself as a Pharaoh being worshipped and massaged by a beautiful priestess of pleasure. Lay down on a comfortable bed and let your imagination fly as every part – and we mean every part – of your body is tended to.

Egyptian Massage As Envisioned By Us

Though there are no actual massage techniques dating from the time of ancient Egypt, the arts and objects stemming from that time make it clear that the ancient Egyptians did in fact enjoy a good massage as we do today.

Our erotic massage is aiming to reimagine and recreate the pleasures they have felt.

We take inspiration from traditional Asian massages which aim to unblock the energy pathways of the body since the concept of circulating life-energy known as Ka is well documented in old Egypt.

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Annet 29 years
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Kate 29 years
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Mia 23 years
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Lika 34 years
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Diana 33 years
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Frida 26 years
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Molly 26 years
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Given these similarities

Our massage incorporates bodywork techniques known from tantric massage
and reflexology.

To give these a more Egyptian, sumptuous twist, we then add elements of aromatherapy, using some incense and herb-based oils. Adding some tasteful music with a touch of orient will please your ears as well.

And as is the custom with all of our massages, we put a great deal of focus on your erogenous zones, slowly building up to climactic orgasm at the end of your massage…

As an Extra Service, You Can Choose The Following…
Though the massage is almost perfect as it is, perhaps it could still benefit from an extra touch in the form of the following services:
Private dance
French kissing
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Extension of massage
Girl with hair down
Girl in heels and stockings
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